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What does it cost to set up a web site?

The initial cost of setting up a web site is very nominal. For £300.00 you will get a domain name of your choice and hosting for the first year free. You will also get a php web site which is great for interactive sites such as online shops, or a membership type site.

You will get a minimum of 1gb of web space with 5gb of bandwidth.

How much is hosting?

Hosting starts at £49 every year.

Whats the basic prices?

Prices are difficult to set when it comes to web sites and pages. For a basic page you could be looking at £300.00+. The costs are escalated by other factors such as style media and complexity.

Can I edit my own pages?

VINCE Web does like to give as much to customer. We can set certain pages that can be edited by the customer. If you did want to change a page yourself, the answer would be a no.

Pages would have to be edited by ourselves and uploaded to the server.

We can place CMS onto web spaces, but these start at around £750, we will brand it and edit it so its yours, then after which, its all yours to edit as you wish.

Can I take control of my own site?

Yes. The web site is completely yours to do with as you see fit. We can give you advice on how to edit and control your own web site. However, bare in mind that if you do edit any pages, VINCE Web will not take responsibility for any faults you create. If you then wish VINCE Web to correct these problems then an initial fee of £150 will be charges and £30 per hour for any work done.

How are invoices paid?

Any invoices due are pro-forma for the initial start of the account. i.e. Invoices must be paid up front before web sites are uploaded to any permenant servers. It is then the discretion of VINCE Web Design to decide how further invoices are to be paid. Unless a particular time is stated for payment terms it must be assumed that all invoices are 30 day invoices. After this time interest will be charged at the standard rate as set by Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 as amended and supplemented by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002.

What is the interest added to invoices?

The interest rate is added at the current base rate set by the Bank of England + 8%.


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